Phase 5b Urban Intervention



The idea for the urban action was divided in two points. The first one is the capitation: we want to attract people to increase the number of people who could receive the message. The second one is the creation of expectations: we want to show different activities that could take place there to show people that other situation is possible.


The capitation strategy was extremely important. The idea was to show the message: “Save the structure”, to make people notice that a structure was there, and make them participant of something about that structure.

The action required act in a very striking way, so we decided to climb the structure to be more visible and more interesting, and use a megaphone to say the message louder.


About the strategy of create expectations the idea was to use the “like system” of Facebook as a way to involve people in an action, in our case: saving the structure, with a little and very easy gesture. In this way we could check the intention of people about the controversy of the unfinished and unused structure.


The way to measure the impact of the actuation was divided in two levels. The first one was evaluated by the number of balloons left after the intervention. In this way we could know the number of people interested in the urban action because of their active participation. The second level was to appear in the news; obviously the impact here could be more important.


The intervention had a relative succeed. On the one hand the authorities were very worried about it, and they made very difficult to develop the original idea. For this reason the capitation strategy was damaged and the success decreased a lot about our expectations. Nevertheless, with all the difficulties we tried to take the best and many people received the message that we wanted to give.


After the experience of the Plastic Invaders intervention, we tried to ask for a permission in order to be able to develop the activity in a more confortable way. But it seemed impossible, so we choose the disobedient way.


The first try for the urban action took place the 24/05/14. We went with a compressor to inflate the balloons in the office, because we had the consent of the secretary of there. But the permission that we tried to take was processed and they had a specific order to not let us doing anything. Without balloons and because of the hostilities we tried to come back again other day.


The second try was the 29/05/14. After the bad feedback with the streetmarket administration we decided to appear in an unexpected day with 500 balloons, the placard and a megaphone. But the police was waiting for us and in a short time we had to change the idea and go to the outside of the market to continue the activity.

10 11 12 13

The mistake in the strategy was in the moment we tried to take permission. We thought that it could help us if we could get that permission, and if it couldn’t be possible we would stay in the previous situation, so anything would get worse. But the fact was that the administration and the police were more prepared to avoid our intervention.

For us was very unexpected to see the police in the very beginning of our activity, because we were in a day that no one knew, our naivety betrayed us.

In the opposite situation, maybe the result could be the same one, but probably we could resist more time and, consequently, we could had more success. Anyway, the situation nowadays in the Teulada’s street market is difficult to develop anything, and the security of the market and the administration are very opposed to any activity.

Finally, about the way of count the success we had a mistake too, it was that people catch in some cases many balloons, so the quantification couldn’t be mathematical as we predicted. In addition, we can’t know how many people could receive the message indirectly.


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