Phase 3a · Project · Carolinas XS Market [EDITED]

The project has REACTIVATING THE MICRO ECONOMY of the surroundings of Carolinas Bajas as its main goal, while promoting local culture and rejuvenating the neighborhood with invested population.


Carolinas Bajas is an almost nonexistent neighbourhood in the city, whithout attractor points

  • Carolinas has no stablished IDENTITY
  • After the loss of CAMPOAMOR’S MARKET the commercial activity went down a 60%
  • 15% of living spaces are owned by banks and the likes.
  • 1/4 of Alicante’s cultural spaces are in the surroundings of the neighborhood
  • 1/3 of the commercial spaces have no use (392/560)
  • It’s an area injured by its own physionomy (pedestrian/car)
  • The price of rent is one of the lowest in the city, while being in the center

It’s a neighborhood segregated from the rest of the city but due to it’s closeness to the city center produces residential area with little to none interest. Because of this the area suffers a process of abandonment and loss of population in favour of Carolinas Altas or the PAU’s


Associations, Carolinas is the neighbourhood with more associations in the city than the rest, the amount of potentially attracted people is enormous, but instead, other public spaces take the public (Parque LoMorant, for Senegalese association’s concerts, for example)

Associations in Carolinas Bajas and outside that could participate

Interrelation between Associations. The grafic shows a poor-medium interconnection between themselves and equipments, and green spaces

Cultural neighborhood, in contact with the ADDA – Bullfighting Ring – Cigarreras – MARQ axis.
Commercial neighborhood, in contact with Carolinas Altas, San Antón, Market and other sectors of the city of which it is the center
Amusement area, continuing the Market – Barrio – Castaños axis
Gentrification, in a positive way, favouring only the first stage, in which particulars come to the neighborhood and revitalize the area
Set a value for the Alicante’s towny behaviour, which can be exported to other areas of the city


Renting commercial and living spaces from the stakeholders (banks and similar) who are not using the spaces

Cultural and temporary events

Small commerce specialized and with designed products

City scaled events

Social media, newspapers, advertisement


Each event needs to accomplish certain objectives, which can be divided in three main areas, the first one is to restart the neighborhood’s life and economy, second placing the district in the city’s mental map using culture and third repopulating the neighborhood trying to reduce the empty and unused spaces.

These three main objectives are subdivided to target certain areas, so in this way, Re-starting the neighborhood’s economy tries to reduce the unemployment rate and relive the economy while organizing and awakening the agents.

The second objective is divided in culture, visualization and mental map, through the restructuring of the city’s transport grid, the artistic installations and the connection of the district to the three axis mentioned beforehand, commercial, leisure and cultural, not being necessarily perfect in any of them, but pertaining.

And the third objective tries to reinforce the ‘hood’s population while giving an incentive to the rest of the city’s population to come to the neighborhood and repopulate, while asking them to participate in the life of the area.

These objectives are achieved trhough three tools:

INCREASE the amount of events / FAVOUR green spaces / ATTRACT people to the neigbhourhood

In the image can be seen the two main colours of the intervention, red and yellow, which are connected to the old town-ish origin of the neighbourhood, in which valencian was spoken, and the neighbourhood, much like San Blas, was more connected to their old origins (Fogueres, Palmeretes…) many of the names are connected to these valencian roots.


Phase 1_XS

General image / TOP

The XS size promotes small changes in the distribution of parking lots, maintaining the actual number of parkings, and allowing its increase in the case of need. With this phase the neighbourhood starts having an attractive image, playful and modern. The renovation of the public space tends to attract commerce and public, increasing the livelihood and the economy, while attracting culture.

Strategy 1

The initial strategy tries to take advantage of the actual loss of space dedicated not only to cars but for PARKED cars, this way we can try to optimize space and allow for more parking lots.

In the actual system, there are 50 parking lots in C/Poeta Zorrilla, distributed on both sides, also, there is a bus stop, and in the biggest crossroad (connected to C/Cronista Vivarens) is usually installed the FOGUERA CAROLINAS BAJAS, which makes this space mainly empty.

On the other side, at C/Alcalde Suárez Llanos and C/Adolfo Blanch there are 100 parking lots distributed on both sides, having the left  of Alcalde Suárez and right of Adolfo Blanch parked in continuous and in battery on the opposite, by turning the continuous side 60 degrees we can add almost 100 parking lots more, which would help distribution of the cars in Carolinas.

While this solution seems to be against the idea of reducing the amount of car-space, it tries to keep the original amount of space, just reducing the circulation width (in both streets the width is almost twice the necessary, one lane with two lane width)

Strategy 2

Green wall

Using PAISAJE TETUAN  as a reference, strategy 1 creates a division wall, after having reduced the amount of cars on one side and/or for other streets with high traffic like C/Sevilla, this wall has different aromatic plants and spices, it can be used to reduce the amount of noise in the circulation path, while helping reduce temperature and contamination in the air next to the pedestrians.

The tubes are connected between themselves to help the distribution of water through the vertical connections. It can be used continuously or making different shapes, making polygons that allow for curves and other geometrical solutions.


The PVC pieces are specially cheap, allowing for a wider use along the whole neighbourhood, it allows to be painted and used helping the pedestrian stancy along the streets. Increasing the air health and the quality of the space

Every meter of wall has a cost of 33,54€ due to the higher price of the 3meter tubes, but in higher quantity of product, the price is reduced almost to two thirds (the price is for one unit)

Aromatic plants

Strategy 3

Metallic Palm-Tree  shadow

This “palm trees” try to generate  an additional value to the street, it is built with a small drill in the ground (much like the traffic sign posts). The shadow try to emulate palm trees, and the steel bars don’t really need to have a regular form, permitting for a more easy solution in-workshop. Each of this pieces are situated every three car-parks, making use of the 1,4sq meters of “empty” space produced by the car’s angle.

The palms are made out of simple cloth making use of the existing knitting workshops, it produces a trimmed shadow, not necessarily complete, which allows for a reduced temperature but still doesn’t make a complete shadow, making it more diffuse.

Initially, the palm trees could be coloured red and yellow, using blue as Alicante’s colour and white for light reflection. On the other side it can be rented for publicity (Coca-Cola’s example can be seen in the upper picture, on the top right)


Made out of steel bars, the palm trees are a specially cheap solution for the shadowing and colouring of the street, the trees, being tall enough, could be used in almost any street of the neighbourhood, allowing for a connection between the metallic palms to the original Plaza de les Palmeretes real trees, but without the need for watering, and or manteinance.

Strategy 4

Floor painting

Trying to make an unitary image for the neighbourhood, strategy 4 makes use of the colours already exposed and paints the ground for a more lively and colourful sidewalk, this connects visually the main streets of Carolinas, allowing for routes to be created (PIO XII – PALMERETES) (PALMERETES – CASTELLON (Cigarreras) )



Strategy 5 – Main strategy PHASE 1

Parklets and Stalls

Reinforced steel concrete TUBES – Provide cover spaces with enough surface for one or two market stalls

Next to the empty plot in Poeta Zorrilla, 10 parking lots are used with these tubes which make the market itself, both sides are used and allow for two market stalls in each tube. The tubes are situated with simple cranes and make a wider space, connected to the lot itself. This is the only fixed part of the XS size, due to the weight of the tubes, but they can be closed to create more private spaces, they can be rented for other activities like working spaces, music practising, … they produce a 7 sq meter space with a curved wall allowing for different kind of furniture

Palet PARKLETS – Movable, provide XS sized surfaces for the neighbours and/ or associations

The parklets are used as an additional movable public space, each 24sq meters size, they can be rented by the neighbours and distributed with different uses, like more urban gardens, bar and restaurant terraces, workshops, or just going out to sit, a really traditional costume.



Phase 2_S

After enough time for the neighbourhood to adapt to the general image, around 6-10 months, phase 2 starts with all the benefits from phase 1 (around 4000€) and using the City Hall’s budget for buying spaces, the city buys the abandoned empty spaces next to the main streets


Phase 1 budget


Social: the project has the vocation to attract all the neighbours, including the elderly, and younger, trying to reach a wide range of people. The idea behind it’s social intervention is to try to recover part of the connection between the neighbours in an town-ish neighbourhood, bringing the attention to the public space and making it more interesting and playful. The reactivation the local commerces will be also a positive point, which will draw attention from other areas of the city, making it more interesting.

Cultural: the cultural associations will be asked to participate in the creation of these XS and S interventions, creating events to promote the interventions, with musical concerts, workshops, …

Economical: the incomes will come from the street market and renting of the space for the associations.

Environmental: The  neighborhood will get extra green space on the parking lots and some urban gardens, while also having the aromatic plants and shadowing, reducing the temperature and increasing the shadows (to make the walks through the neighbourhood more comfortable).



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