Phase 5a · Powertrash Girls Video · RE-UPDATED ·

In this video both achievements and failures that had been happening during the course are shown. Both our individuals and groupal projects are explained, as well as the intervention.


The video is organized in four parts:

– The first part is an explanation about the THEMATIC of the course W.A.T.C.H. (we are the city heroes). In our particular case, we chose to intervene on elements of the solid waste management network.

– Next we explain the CONTEXT, by the different agents opinion because all of them are affected in some way by tardeo activity.

– The third part is about our INDIVIDUAL PROJECTS. All of them follow the same order:

  • What is the project about.
  • The strategies that uses each one.
  • The results of apply this strategies.

– To finish the video we show the project made by Powertrashgirls and Play trash: LA PLAZA DE LAS FLORES. Here we explain:

  •  How this project appear: the need of manage waste and spefic urban forniture.
  • The strategies we based: profile age, 80s, pixelation and identity of square (Plaza de las flores).
  • Agents involved: Smurfit kappa, Artefacte, Leroy Merlin, City Council and us.
  • The buildind process.
  • The final intervention.







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