Play Trash _ Phase 5A (Summary of the Course Projects)

Intro Blog

In this part of the course we have to mount a video that summarize the whole activity developed in the year. In our case we decide to focuss the video in the activity we have developed in group with the PowerTrashGirls for solving the a waste management problem in the 25th of May Square in Alicante.


There are two different versions of the video according to the different events we realize on the 7th and the 14th of June.   This was due to the impossibility of develping the activity as we had plan before the end of the course. But in the end we could make a test in the 25th of May square (“La Plaza de las Flores”) with our design.


Final Version:


Previous Version:


In this version we try to explain the projects course and show the alternative activity we developed in order to give a use to our constructions when it was impossible to move the activity to the market square.


Video Reference:


This video expose an intervention of MOHO Architects in “La Conservera” in Ceutí (Murcia) where they developed an intervention that uses recycled pneumatic tyres. We think the reference is suitable not just by the aesthetic and the process explained but also because the parallelism with the recycling.



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