Phase 4 · La Puça [EDITED]

The format for this Phase is format C “desing”.

Material 1:

General view


Plan – Marked yellow the bigger area, two tubes confront it, making it a larger “stage”. Marked red, the tubes have a more “private” front, allowing for more intimate situations.


Material 2

The initial public campaign would try to invoke to the aforementioned (in Phase 3b) initial public, young, active, artistic and a little bit nerdy. A series of posters would be made to actually start getting into the surrounding life that would try to contact with these public: inside jokes, media, pop culture references, or just common knowledge. On this line comes the first poster, it tries to show you that you might find the impossible in the market, being second hand, there are enormous possibilities, you just need to come, that is shown through something that in fact doesn’t exist, but could, and if it did, everybody would want it.   Also, a line of publicity needs to be to attract the possible sellers, people who would want to rent a spot in the market and would have no other way of selling second hand elements and/or need an additional income for their houses. The posters woudl try to attract visually but with a second plane objective, getting the people to think, once at home, that this market is for them, not for special people, but for anyone who really doesn’t need some of the clutter they’ve been hoarding at home. These posters would try to attract attention to some of the most common elements in family houses, like tv cupboards, clothes and kids toys, while also giving a space for makers, knitting, patchwork, product design…


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