Flavoluos Market is a project to reactivate Central Market area by means of the association of its traders (including bars and Central Market’s stands) making more powerful its cultural and gastronomical values. The project is based in exchange.

funcionamiento proyecto CORTADO

The agents are:

– Neighbours who live close to Central Market, they can enjoy with all the activities that the projecto propose.

– Bars that are close to Central Market. Nowadays we have Tardeo on Saturday morning, during this activity they sell a lot, but in contrast during the week their only clients are people who work close and they have to eat outside their homes.

– Associations from the neighborhood that are complaining about problems that Tardeo produces (like noise, trash, etc).

– Also during Tardeo some kind of Central Market stand (special butchers) are having extra money due to they sell trays with food to eat at the square.

1_Main concep intervention 2_Specilited areas
The project proposes:

– Specialised areas at square, that will be related with the kind of food that is selled in Central Market. This will allow to manage in a better way the relation between inside and outside.

– Due to there is no need, not all the time this kitchens will be at work. The furniture will use for diferents activities, that improve cultural, social and envioromental the neighborhood.

– The intervention can be used to give a kitchen class to reinforce the existing culture about food.

– Another activities that exist can be complemented.

– All the project will be finance by the exchange of organic trash by discounts.

– The way of undertand this project as a good method of making more powerfull a Market can be exported to another places.



Looking for a new identity, with a specific design, that go further than obvious design, we are going to use some strategies related with the things that make Central Market unique.  The design elements will be the tool to create this new identity.


We can found two elements that are making this possible.

food and colour elementos modernistas OUTSIDE elementos modernistas

So using the existing colors and their rages we are able to choose the most representatives.

Central Market was built in 1921 by Juan Vidal Ramos. One of the principal characteristic about this building is that have modernism ornament.



The design is based in human proportion. On the one hand, there are diferent elements with the dimension of a table, bar, kitchen, etc. creating varied situations. On the other hand the combination of the element will produce situations more complex.

3_1MODULAR BAR 3_2 MODULAR CORNER PIECE 3_3MODULAR TASTING BAR+ 3_4clasificacion modular 3_5clasificacion modular 3_6clasificacion modular 3_7clasificacion modular 3_8clasificacion modular 3_9clasificacion modular 3_10clasificacion modular

The main idea of the project is to combinate this moludar elements to create a continous “alacant bar” due to is a popular element in this city and also the bar is undertood like a part of the culture here.



In order to manage the waste, we use as a estrategy the different heigh of the modular tables and insert between them a inclining element that are able to collect the waste.


Also we offer the posibility of separate, and this will create a image related with this trash.


If we combine modular design with the human scale and the strategy of waste management we have this elevation.

5_ALZADO def


As we explain before we use as a strategy the elements that belong to Central Market. This is the reason why the stand have a design based in the shape on Central market fachade, creating a visual relationship.


Ìt will exist a visual relation ship between the stand and the fachade, in the next perspective we can know how it will look like.



Each especilized area will have their own furniture, that will be join with the elements that are able to collect the waste, producing this kind of situation.


The vision of the whole square will be the combination of all the specialized area plus their own furniture.

C:UsersMariaDesktopUniversidad 2013-2014Proyectos IVSegund

Another kind of situation during week can be a kitchen class that can reforce the cultural knowledge about food that involve the Central Market.


Also the projecto propose activities that are not directly related with food or Central Market, but they can improve the current situation. In addition, using the advantages of combining the modular elements, with different height, we can create a grandstand.



All the furniture will be store in each stand, this is an example about how we can do it.


In addition, the project is usefull to promote Central Market, but also can be usefull in another places, so we can transportate to another markets.





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