The bicycle route that we have carried out 14/06/2014 consists of a tour marked by made stops for different shops bicamigos of the downtown area, observing first-hand facilities we have so that we carry out our daily activities uploaded by bike.

ruta final




The main activity is the upload to the people on the bike and check that it is feasible to this means of locomotion for the area of Alicante. Across the center different stops were made to learn trades and the discounts and benefits offered to cyclists, also of what they’re doing to facilitatethe use of this means of transport to the users.

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Inside the Blog of BiciAmigoAlicante,  participants could find the location of participating retailers and those that could not attend to facilitating that people can locate them and discover their advantages in different tabs.For the creation of these tabs were asked businesses that undertake a photograph with a bike, forcing them to promote advertising among cyclists.





  1. To show how is a trade biciamigo and how to become in it
  2. Advertise  biciamigos among the cyclists
  3. Know the advantages offered by each of ellos
  4. Enhance the rest of trades to bet on the bike, and inform City Hall to make a bikefriendly city

Post-promotional video


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