[Phase 4 June]

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The Teulada Project chases the target to use the existing structure of the Flea Market of Teulada, to generate new activities, like workshops, exhibitions, in addition to a powerful new image for the flea market.


1/Big Scale Sign-Spacing: The strategy consists of renting to the merchants in the first moment the available space of the structure for a period of one year. According to commercial value, where the minimal rent is one year and its monthly price it is 390€/month, the target is to reduce this cost, doing that the small merchant has access to this type of publicity

2/ New Micro public spaces:  The strategy tries to generate an attractive space located in the structure, which generates new situations at social level and culturally principally. This way, the flea market acquires a bonus, at the same time that it continues with the first strategy in its target to manage new clients.

3/ Marketing:  The branding makes the work easier of communicates to all the public’s who is, what it represents, what does, how it does it and why it does it. The success of a company is not in its products, but in the values that with him try to be transmitted. First of all, a mark is a life style.

4/New experiences:   By means of the creation of spaces and activities a new use of the structure is encouraged, joining the people of different ages and mixing not alone activities but uses. The target is to go so far as to mix these factors with the target to improve the flea market.



The target of the design centers on managing to receive the attention of the people who happens for the street Teulada and Big Route, in addition to transmitting the target of the proposed strategies so that little by little the parking lot is turning into a place full of life, where the Thursday flea market takes place not only and on Saturdays.

The strategies of design created for the correct implementation of the project, they are intimately related to the strategies of the project. The main target is the creation of new opportunities for the nearby quarters, creating an attractive space that makes them have a bonus and be on a par with other quarters of Alicante.

In the following scheme one introduces the levels of design of the project, 5 different types from intervention differ, not only in scale but in type.




The new infrastructure will encourage its use in diverse social slopes since activities have been created like workshops, concerts, projection. . . that they can attract at different social levels inside the city. Also, it will create a new project network inside the same project, where the teachers of courses, the interested buyers, or the proper users of the new installation will be able to give its opinion.


The new situation of the flea market will be between other things that of generation of a new agenda with the activities that will be carried out during the periods of design that are carried out. Also, for the children there has been created an area that can be reserved to celebrate birthday holidays, this way one new bond is generated between the children and the emplacement. Promotes new and different spaces for sharing, where diversity can meet in an intergenerational, friendly, inclusive, funny and proactive way. It fosters imagination and game.


Through the different phases of design, investment and economic recovery will be different, the goal of this project is to create a balance between advertising level (with incomes of traders and external agents), the courses, the dice concert events, and the construction thereof. Thus when the structure has been amortized, begin to produce income that will mean an improvement in the conditions of the project and its possible extension to the rest of the plot.


The intervention has-been thought to be dismantled in any moment, in Addition to using materials That Can be re-used in other projects.


The structure is divided in different project scales that interact and interwave


1. XL SCALE/ Advertising.

This design level is looking to give not only to the neighbourhood but the flea market a new easily recognizable image, with enough powerful to create a new identity to motivate people to come to the flea market.

The front receives the advertizing function of the project. It splits into two types, the first sound the cartels that indicate the type of activity that develops on them, and the second sound the advertizing cartels of the merchants. The target is that the front I remained covered with them, therefore it will be an evolutionary and changeable process. At the same time the cartels have the function to protect, in some areas they act like parapet to prevent the fall of the users of the installation.


2. L SCALE/Social spaces.

Intended for the more social aspects of the project, generates inter space where you can relax, meet, read…

One has arranged a big space where the priority is to favor the interpersonal relations. The formal characteristics of this design consist of a step than of access to the second level and object of design that is the patio. These two components, the step and the patio, they are an important part of the design since they articulate the social activities giving place to diverse activities for its form open and predisposed to receive changes.

3. M SCALE/ Media & Events.

Its goal is to get people during the whole week, and during special occasions through concerts, talks, workshops so people get a notion about what is going on in the flea market.

There get ready along the whole structure a few modules realized in wood with different formal completions, they are designed so that in them there are realized projections, chats, workshops. Together with the front they form the finished visual configuration of the project, so that there are recognized two aspects, the cartels and the houses. Each one has a finished different one according to the activity that they receive.

4. S SCALE/ Cultural & Playground. 

Focused in small cultural spaces, interventions exhibitions, parks, game.. are produced.

There are interventions of less importance, destined principally to the use of the children. They are characterized, in case of the infantile interventions, actions on the soil. It is a question of recapturing the use of the street for the children, this way games show in the soil. To part along the whole project, he gets ready (as parapet in some areas) a vertical band of slate with the target that the users of the project leave its impressions in her.

5. XS SCALE/ Furniture. 

Along the whole intervention one arranges modular furniture, based on the form of the cockpits. This furniture takes like the power as objective different configurations are moved and joined formed.









The phase 1 takes place in the plant of at level of the soil, this first phase will serve as capture of contact to see as the people answer to the project. The subphases that will be carried out are:

1/Installation of the “Tipis”: during this first phase they will receive the workshops, in which there will be carried out the assemblies of the furniture that in following phases will settle. These workshops will have a cost that will go straight to the budget of the project, the workshops will be given for newly alumni of the disciplines involved in the tasks of the same ones.

2/the day of the opening will create an event that between others will be provided with performances of musicians and actors who should decide to register. This activity will start this day and will have temporary attainment of permanent character.

3/construction of the bleachers, this object of design that in later phases will suppose the ascent to the second plant, takes now that as a main target of being a meeting point and rest. The bleachers will be constructed by the pertinent construction firm.

4/The infant area in this first phase will develop the wall slate that is an important part of the project, it will be ready in the bleachers and in the part of behind the seats of the area of concerts. He gets ready so that it creates a way in continuous ascent that covers the whole project.

5/An important part of this project is its publication in means, so earlier even of its solid construction there will be established an advertising phase that creates expectations as for the project and causes the people to come.




The phase two will suppose the construction of the following plant of the structure.
1/ “tipis” they will keep on lodging the workshops.
2/Across the workshop of the previous phase, there has been constructed the projection room, which will be able to be rented to celebrate there chats, conferences. . .

3/they will begin installing in the patio the built modules of furniture, of a gradual way.

4 / the garden will be built.



In the phase 3, it turns to promote one more plant, reach this level will suppose:
1/Building of the space for developing the Workshops, where all the workshops will be carried out from now on.
2/Along the whole plant they will install to themselves panels where young artists will have the opportunity to exhibit its works.





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