Loop In // Video PHASE 5a [improved]


Loop in believes that the important amount of retires and unemployed in the city complement one another! The roundabout, such a quotidian place in their neighborhoods, becomes the new center, where supply and demands will be solved by our project.

New video for the PHASE 5a. explaining in a better way the main concepts of the course and main design elements.


We have been designing for months the best space where our agents could meet and develop theirselves.

This roundabout was clearly the central point of the area where we wanted to work in, and as their ordinary meaning says, it was just an empty circle, but where everything could happen.

In this video you could see the essential ideas of this new association and the physical design which makes the roundabout a perfect place to host it.



The video is a brief explanation (3 minutes) of the final project.


As this video should be understandable for everyone, we have explained what is the project W.A.T.C.H and what are its worries nowadays.


It was necessary to express the reasons of the roundabouts as a repeated undeveloped space in the city, which needs new professionals to make the most of of them.


The course tries to solve current controversies who affect our society. We made it clear, our two principal agents came from the dramatic data of retire and unemployed population in Spain.


By an animated diagram about the connections between agents and their functions, the viewer is ready to imagine what will happen next.

Loop in DESIGN

Time to explain the keys of the new design which will change the perception of an ordinary urban space in the city.

It follows the 4 strategies of a W.A.T.C.H project about:

· Enviroment
· Economy
· Society
· Culture


We use different video formats in order to express these ideas, such as:




  •  REFERENCE 1: Real images of the reality combined with animation.



  • REFERENCE 2: Motion of the video, combining slow shots with text.



  •  REFERENCE 3: Animation combined with keywords, showing the concepts explained.



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