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T.L he proposes to re-use a space forgotten by means of the creation of new activities that bring him a bonus to the commercial activity, turning the fact of going to not alone market in the commercial extract but in an experience of diverse activities. This way he tries to activate and generate an attractive point inside the Teulada lot.


The emplacement of the project, it is located between the intersection of the street Teulada and the Big Route. The main target is to give him a new identity to the existing reality, the structure will act simultaneously like milestone and like generative source of new activities.




1st) Potential of the flea market like atractor of persons.

Since in the year 2000 it will move to the street Teulada the merchants have been accusing the fact that the flea market is not in the center, although it is necessary to emphasize that the new emplacement exhibits to the flea market more than 24. 500 drivers a day.



Controversy: The change of location supposed a loss of income and of clients for the sellers.

2nd) Potential of the existing structure as useful space for the flea market.

About 5. 000 persons come to buy every day to the flea markets. It is necessary to emphasize that the life expectancy of the consumer that he buys is 45 years, on the contrary the persons younger than 30 years represent 8 % (According to a study realized by Mercasa).


Controversy: The shopping centers do an important investment in publicity to come to population niches.

3rd) The flea market as generative source of new activities associated with the quarter.

69 % of the clients of the markets comes to realize its buys on foot, 17 % in public transport and 14 % in proper vehicle.

Controversy: The change to the street Teulada, he supposed a less number of bus stops proceeding from populations as The Campello, San Vicente of the Raspeig also, to whom at present the number of lines of urban buses is less when it was in Campoamor.

4th) The flea market of Teulada as attainment of the line commercial.

The Teulada flea market is compared with that of Benalúa and Babel, in the sections it is observed that the flea markets of Babel and Benalúa are surrounded by commerce not associated with the flea market. Another important factor is the fact that they meet in areas of the city of Alicante a powerful urban textile

Controversy: The flea market is out of the commercial line.


1st SRATEGY: Big Scale Sign-Spacing

The strategy consists of renting to the merchants in the first moment the available space of the structure for a period of one year. According to commercial value, where the minimal rent is one year and its monthly price it is 390€/month, the target is to reduce this cost, doing that the small merchant has access to this type of publicity.

This strategy relates to the constroversia 1, where an absence knowledge is on the part of the population of Alicante. The publicity in the exterior supports contributes to the memory of the mark and produces an increase (demonstrated) in the sales of up to 28 %. For every inverted euro, the exterior publicity recovers 2,10 euros (Source: BrandScience 2013).

Advantage #1: the persons will see it. Since one has commented previously on a volume of vehicles of almost 25. 000 cars it happens every day for the flea market. It is claimed, to sell .
Advantage #2: The exterior publicity, it can go to certain segments difficult to dock otherwise: the young people, workpeople who spend a lot of time out of house that scarcely they have time to watch TV to read printed supports (transporters, traveling salesmen, etc. )

Disadvantage #1: Its impact in the buy or recognition of the product or mark they are difficult to measure.
Disadvantage #2: It is a limited way. The exterior publicity is summed up in a visual impact for what it admits long sales argumentations not even a suitable presentation of product


MOVEMENT CAFÉ/ Morag Myerscough



Publi Antón

Get involved: Company responsible for billboards, 2,000 own supports are industry leaders in the Levant.

What interests does it have: charge of renting the billboard, installation and maintenance would be made.

City of Alicante: Urban Image

Get involved: would manage the proposed alteration of the image of the area.

What interests does it have It would be part of the project and approach to traders.


Get involved: would give his name to the project to give it a new branding would be their own monitors, and would be directly related to the advertising company.

What interests does it have They would get media attention, improving their image, they would get to reach niche population that pursue their goals.

SOCIAL: The relation that direct that is established between the population and the merchants.
CULTURAL: There is generated a new urban image, which can suppose a new icon for the quarter and the flea market.
ECONOMIC: Revaluation of the positions of markets on having appeared in a billboard, what supposes an investment that it will transform into economic benefits.
ENVIRONMENTAL: One makes use of the existing structure in the flea market providing it with a new one use.


2nd SRATEGY: New Micro public spaces

The strategy tries to generate an attractive space located in the structure, which generates new situations at social level and culturally principally. This way, the flea market acquires a bonus, at the same time that it continues with the first strategy in its target to manage new clients.


This strategy relates to the fact 1 and 3, a very high percentage of people only go to market in order to buy certain products mainly vegetables.

The Agency of Urban Ecology of Barcelona has developed the Special Plan of Indicators of Sostenibilidad Ambiental of the Town-planning Activity of Seville for the Town hall of this city. Although it has been designed for the Andalusian capital, its content is applicable to other cities.



According to this plan, it is established that at local level or in a 300 m radio I find a Civic Center. According to the cultural centers at present the majority they are located in the center, leaving the north area with an important lack of activity of cultural nature. The creation of a new polyvalent space would be supposed by an attraction and a generation of work.

3) CULTURAL PROTOTYPES, Spaces and elements for showing, sharing info, displaying artistic, native or personal catalog.
4) SERVICE PROTYPES, Gastro-spaces, terraces and outdoor coffees, vertical communicators
5) AVERAGE and EVENTS Spaces for sharing, meeting and mass enjoying
7) SOCIAL, spaces for resting, meeting, imporvising, talking, learning, spaces for collective intelligence.




Town hall of Alicante: Councillorship of Culture

Get involved: He would be in charge of managing the spaces.
What interests does it have: The proper ones of this councillorship, creation of a new polyvalent space.
Clients flea market:

Get involved: They would make use of the new facilities.
What interests does it have: It would bring a new place of recreation and the possibility of spending the day.


SOCIAL: There would be promoted the social cohesion of persons of different nature by means of the activities proposals. Also there would be created new jobs, which would be part of the new cultural center. It is necessary to emphasize that one would give to him.

CULTURAL: By means of the new activities created in the micro spaces and the new public space the Teulada flea market would get in the From Alicante cultural agenda.
ECONOMIC: In the microspaces there would take place cultural activities to which one would gain access by means of payment, as in case of Workshops, activities with l.

 3rd SRATEGY: Marketing


Branding makes it easier to communicate the work to the general public who he is, what it represents, what it does, how it does and why it does. A successful business is not in their products, but in the values ​​that he intended to convey. First of all, a brand is a lifestyle.

Benefit # 1: Well-positioned brands are easily identified, which encourages the purchase.

Advantage # 2: The mark protects consumers by assuring consistent quality.

Advantage # 3: set up ensures also that the consumer acquire a comparable quality, no matter where the product or service purchased.

Advantage # 4: The brands provide additional sociological satisfaction is not achieved in any other way.


A well designed logo must expire with three essential conditions: it must be adapted, esthetically agreeably and reflect the credibility of this company.

Adapted: that the emblem reflects the main characteristic of the company or product of a simple way..

Agreeable: that is acceptable without visual complications, since the most important factor that it is necessary to bear in mind at the moment of designing is the visual perception.
Credibility: that the persons identify with the logo and that the stamp of guarantee of this company produces the confidence of the people in the product.



Billboard House/Apostroph’s

Town hall of Alicante: Councillorship of Culture
Get involved: He would be in charge of managing the spaces.
What interests does it have: The proper ones of this councillorship, creation of a new polyvalent space.

Clients flea market:
How does it intervene: They would make use of the new facilities
What interests does it have: It would bring a new place of recreation and the possibility of spending the day.


SOCIAL: A tie is created between the project and the neighbors and users.
CULTURAL: The consumers will be able to use like guide to understand what happens in its environment and to inform them about what the suitable rules of behavior are, what will make them happier, etc

ECONOMIC: A mark helps its owner to stimulate repeated sales and develop an allegiance to the mark. The allegiance to the mark generates a less prices competition, because the same mark creates a difference between the products. When an allegiance to the mark has been created, the consumers are ready to pay a price an additional price for the specific mark that they wish.





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