Phase 3a: [TAP] Teulada Adventure Playground :::updated:::


 1. WHAT?

Two strategies to develop en Teulada Plot:

– Strategy 1: Adventure Playground

– Strategy 2: EcoFriendly Street Market {based on Slow Food}



The Adventure Playgrounds are a kind of autoconstruction playgrounds where childrens devolop intelectual capabilities while they are awere that are taking risk when are playing.

The childrens will play safetly in the playground. The playground have staff that help child on the task of autoconstruction. This staff will develop 2 functions:

– Help childrens to the autoconstruction tasks.

– Teach Knitting Techniques on a Workshop.

[Outside image of workshop]


On this workshop, childrens could participate on colaboratibe walls. This collaborative walls show corporative images of companies. This companies pay to the Adventure Playground for this particular wool billboards. For this reason, the structure runs as a advertisement support. We insert to kinds of systems of advertisement displays on the structure.

The External Advertisement Display are the collaborative walls produced by the staff and workshop volunteers. The second ne is a system of hanging strips of a grid. This allow a depencence rellationship between displays. Is an analogical display, modifiable, where showa corporative images too. Moreover, this system is located on the roof of the structure, giving to the playground a confortable shadows to play.


This design responds to the reality of the context. With low cost materials, and the fund of advertisement walls we could build this autoconstructive playground on Teulada.

[HIGH RESOLUTION IMAGE, click on to view on Flickr]

The Adventure Playground is the best place where children could develop psychomotor capabilities while they are playing. According to this, we’ve propoused a kind of activities thinking on Low Cost materials, Playfull activities and psychomotor development.

The Games

Painting the floor, we get a dinamic paths to orient childs to the games. The paintings are relationed with the ribbons colours to give an homogeneus image in the Adventure playground.

Moreover, we bet to the change of Teulada Parking Lot in a new Square between the three towns where is located. We spread this playfull theme to the entire lot throught painted arrows that show the path to other activities on the plot.

This three colours marks the existence of three kinds of spaces on the lot:

Magent: Sports.

Yellow: Traditionals Games.

This sports and traditional games are selected with one criteria: the need of don’t interfere with the uses of parking ang street market. For this reason, only are choosen games that only need painting marks on the floor. Games like Twister, scarf…

– Green: Green Areas.

The green arrows show spaces where artificial grass are ocupping the car lots. This ocuppation give a wide space in front of the playground, building un space where people could ocuppy and enjoy like a square on Teulada.

To enjoy this Square, we desing autonomous units of shopping trolleys equipped with a Tree, (for give shadow), Dustbin, to get clean the plot, and Chairs to provide people a confortable spaces to relax and meet with friends.



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