Phase 3b + 4 – Teulada Plays (updated)


It seeks to revitalize the Teulada Street market through a new urban image associated with a new younger audience in order to attract them to the market. These folk are young people and children. Being an age very low (from 3 to 10 years old), they can’t come alone, but his partners/mates, mostly relatives come to the market, with potential customers both project sales in market stalls. Social interaction caused by the gathering of parents through their children is very positive both for the quarter and for the market.



We are found in Teulada Street market, in the north of Alicante’s sports area. With three schools located within 300 m with a potential of 500 children, without cinema in the neighborhood, and the football stadium 500 m away, the esplanade and the structure of the market is an opportunity to revitalize the neighborhood. At the flea market, every Thursday and Saturday visiting an average of 3000 people. Inside it, we find these kinds of posts:



Communicative – We live in the world of information, however, the immediate information is distanced to us. We are not aware of what happens in our city, in our neighborhood. That is why it is necessary to inform what happens. Teulada structure is a great chance to create an annunciator panel practically any sort of relevant information. For instance, sporting events, new openings in the district or events in the market, etc. Carrying more information affects the neighborhood people in a different, interesting way.

Visual – The markets are becoming obsoleted in the sense that only people who are really interested… ?. So, thanks to the annunciator panel, a recognizable brand by young people, people who do not attend is created. A pixel type panel which is very reminiscent of 8-bit video games that many young people (now not so) played in the 90s and it is also a visual claim for children today is created.

Program – Workshops for kids, temporary theaters, both for young and adults is offered a new place for children so that play, a place that demand in the area. Kids are in a safe place, having fun, while parents can buy safely through the market. With new uses all get benefit: security and tranquility parents, children enjoying, more sales merchants, neighborhood information and adult visual.




  • People attraction around the neighborhood who do not use to visit the market thanks to news and information.
  • Social interaction between children themselves thanks to the workshops and people who care the children.
  • Creating a new look for the market connected with teenagers.



  • Specialized information just for the neighborhoods and market district. Information by and for the district / market
  • With the first phase theaters, very known movies can be  watched.
  • A network of new knowledge head to children and youth is created.



  • – Use of recycled and inexpensive materials such as cans, cardboard and reused wood.
  • – Improve of the visual quality of the market order vs chaos.



  • Potential Attraction customers to boost the sales of the market.
  • Self subsidized project  by advertising on the facade.
  • Low cost statement  with great benefit to the city
  • The low cost cinema is proof that culture works with economical prices.



Three different scales of information, citywide, another district / market level, and the latter neighbor are used to city level. For each scale there is a specific type of information: the first scale will be seen mostly by cars and people outside the neighborhood who do not have knowleadge about the market. They move fastly so they need the message very clear. It is more important the visibility (0.8m). The median is destinated to people in the neighborhood who knows the market, go walking around the street, for that reason, it will have smaller letters (0.4 m). The last one is made to people who are interested, people who stop in order to read the information (0.1m).

1 – Drums

We go from 2D to 3D element pallet cube element as the drums are . It is the main and the most characteristic element of the intervention. It is related to the plastic boxes market stalls. Moreover, they are white, like the ceilings to give unity and urban brand. They will be painted with water colours. They have 4 sides and are rotatable, so you can have up to 4 messages posted at once. Therefore, they incorporate light inside, and due to be a translucent plastic and dark lettering, at night they will be illuminated  turning heads and generating a different urban image.




2 – Medium wood cubes
The wooden cubes continue with the idea of ​​annunciator panel. They are aimed at a nearby public, both children and adults. They have to be manipulated and transportable for kids so that they can create spaces. In this case there are 3 different kinds.
a. Next, the three types are:
Type A – solid.
Type B – hollow with a cover.
Type C – hollow without two covers.



3 – Small wooden cubes
They have to be very manipulative, especially because of children, so their size and weight is reduced.



4 – Auxiliary Elements
a. stairs.
b. scaffolding.

5 – Fabrics for cinema

04 05



These elements are grouped into the whole structure with design strategies based on the need of information or the folk. The three font sizes are chosen depending on the distance which a person can see them and the sort of information that show.



Phase 1

Phase 1 consists of getting subsidize the project to be fully realizable. Besides, the new look market is also created with annunciator panel. To achieve this, first panels of scale 1 is constructed so that draw attention both day and night in because of being bright. They have private advertising to raise money.


Phase 2

Phase 2 involves creating temporary cinemas in the cantilever. The cinemas will be working on Monday, Wednesday and Saturday afternoon – evening. With that, we attract people to the place getting they will wise up about what will happen. Besides, scale panel 3 is placed to inform people who are interested.


Phase 3

Phase 3 is based on removing cinemas and put in that place the workshops and children’s playground. Once you have people who know what will happen, the playground is built. In addition, we set the last panel, specifically, the scale 2.







Arriba los de abajo –



La pregonera –



Cáceres crea Cáceres –



Intrusos gigantes en nuestras ciudades –



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