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Phase 3A Article 2


South Bank Centre Contemporary Cinema in south London, England – design by Avery Associates

Location: just east of Waterloo Station, South Bank

The BFI London IMAX Cinema – Building Information

Title: The BFI London IMAX Cinema
Date: 1991-99
Client: British Film Institute
Cost: £12m (Arts Council of England lottery Funded)
British Construction industry Award 1999
Millennium Products Award 1999
FX International Interior Design Award 1999
Comedia ‘Creative City’ Award 2000 for Urban Innovation Civic Trust Award 2000
National Drywall Award 2001

1. The IMAX roundabout in the edge between South Bank and Waterloo.

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Phase 3A Article 1

UFO (Unexpected Fountain Occupation), Exyzt, Warsaw, Poland 2011

“UFO lands in Warsaw, Poland: a new attraction for the summer in the capital, at the Rozdroze Square”

Warsaw is a city full of history, yet in a different sense, compared to most Eastern Europe cities, which are presently re-discovering and re-narrating parts of their history. Warsaw is an extraordinarily modern city that suffers from phantom pain after the amputation of its historical materiality.

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Welcome to W.A.T.C.H. ’13