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Repensando San Antón – Phase4+Phase5

On this phase, different actions and events will be explained, all of them with the same premise,  taking the chair as identity icon of San Antón neighborhood and as a reclaim of public space. The final objective , then, would be the regeneration of the public spaces of the neighborhood.

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Rethinking San Antón

The format to work on this phase is format B. This mean to transform us into “activists” and try to mobilize the neighborhood, wake their possibilities up and make an effort to transform them into reality with collaboration of all parts and agents involved.

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Phase 3a – Article 1 – Gulick Park


Luther Gulick visioning process was a good example to anaylse in order to learn new ways to understand the process of designing urban spaces with a strong relationship between the neighbors and the designing team. They designed a toolkit to gather information from the neighbors and then introduce this terms into the project evaluation of needs, program, mechanisms, shapes, etc.
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