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Phase 5a – MARTS N`CRAFTS Re-Updated

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Loop In // Video PHASE 5a [improved]


Loop in believes that the important amount of retires and unemployed in the city complement one another! The roundabout, such a quotidian place in their neighborhoods, becomes the new center, where supply and demands will be solved by our project.

New video for the PHASE 5a. explaining in a better way the main concepts of the course and main design elements.

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Play Trash _ Phase 5A (Summary of the Course Projects)

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In this part of the course we have to mount a video that summarize the whole activity developed in the year. In our case we decide to focuss the video in the activity we have developed in group with the PowerTrashGirls for solving the a waste management problem in the 25th of May Square in Alicante.


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