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What is our objective as activists?
Our main objective is to get the highest number biciamigos stores in the city of Alicante, to create a new business network to facilitate the daily lives of citizens who use the bicycle as a regular means of transport.
So we’ve divided the intervention on 2 intervention phases:

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PHASE 4 – Urban Bike Knitting

0. LOGO 2


Bike Knitting, comes from the mix of color to work, cycleshopping, and telebike projects. It is a project whose main idea is to create a direct relationship between the business and tourism (either as an employee or as a user or consumer) and the direct use of the bicycle.

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Phase 3B- Color to Work



In this phase 3b, which constructively criticize the project, I redesigned every aspect concerning the contest COLOR TO WORK.

First I designed a logo according to the project basing on some marketing guidelines. The main design requirements have been effective transmission of ideas and simplicity to make it easy to remember.

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