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Phase 3A_ Reference II: Mil plazas


The “Mil plazas” Project was started in 2004 as a jump from academic ambit to a public urban ambit. Based on design, management, and construction, this project tries to recover residuary spaces and the modernization of territory following a low cost strategy by using waste and materials from the area. This initiative is run by the university of Architecture in Talca and carried out by its students. The project ends in 2008 with the construction of seven squares, and its use and social impact have verified that this project is working.

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Phase 3A_Reference I: ECCO-COMUNITIES


In countries such as Bolivia, where low salaries and high unemployment mean that more and more families have to find a way to survive, recycling offers the potential of an economic olive branch. However, a project run by Swisscontact has gone some way to killing two birds with one stone by enabling ‘Eco-Communities’ to earn a living while implementing well structured waste collection and recycling systems.

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