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Phase 3a. Participative Bonfire


This project has as a main goal to reactivate an empty space, owned by the city of Alicante, with temporary uses and make it work as the heart of the three neighborhoods that are around it. By a previous analysis of the area, during phase 2, we understood the current situation of the area. The actual economic downturn and the mismanagement of public space by the city have left no choice to this place; it has to remain the way it is right now until possible to carry out projects for this space. But even if is not possible to build, we can give a temporary use to avoid the site to become a constant reminder of the current situation. The plot is going to turn into the container of the production of a participative bonfire. The bonfire as a main topic will allow us to involve community to build a new identity to the place bringing back to life the tradition of Alicante.

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Location: Two lots on Octavia Street between Hayes and Fell Streets. San Francisco (CA)
Size: Lot K is 1115 m² and Lot L is 520 m²
Project Type: Temporary commercial
Year of completion: November 2010 (4 phases over 5 years)
Client Name: City of San Francisco
Architects: Envelope A+D.
Design costs: $40,000 – $90,000 per vendor
Budget: phase 1: $300,000 – phases 2, 3 & 4 ($200,000 per phase)
Value of lease: $5,000 a month paid to the city for Lot K and $2,000 for Lot L.

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Phase 3a. Sûr la place Publique



Location: Saint-Jean-en-Royans Town, within the region of Rhône-Alpes, France

Project Type: Temporary

Year of completion: 2009 to 2011

Client Name: National Regional Parks (PNR)

Developers: EXIZT, De l’aire &  La Halle de SJ en Royans

Collaborators: Social Centre La Paz & Pied La Biche Collective

Budget: 92500 € for two years+ 20000 € for the works


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