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Phase 3b- Build it up!



Create activity in the plot where the Teulada Street market takes place, in a way that everyone in Alicante, turist, people of all ages are aware that the market is really taking place. One of the activities asked by the traders is a playground, so besides the construction of a permanent one; a new spaces will be built in order to claim the people to the area during the whole week.  Among that, the analysis declared and urgent need of publicising.



A few years ago the market was moved to the Teulada Street, it is natural place was Campoamor. In Campoamor they used to have a very good quality of customers (tourist, people who lived nearby, people from Alicante…) As a reasolt the market was pretty well known, and it used to have notoriety above the others markets. But then the city council built a concert hall and they were moved.


During the 2000 the city council announced its intention of bulding a concert hall in Campoamor. So due to this new construction the Street market needed to be moved to another place. They ask to Bonmatí for a plot that he has in C/Teulada, they arrive to an agree and the new location is setted up. Then a public contest was published, to build the new Street market, it wouldn’t be until 2008 that the traders will be moved and started selling there. Finally the project wasn’t accomplished due to the severe crisis the Spain is suffering.

Even though, the Street maket project wasn’t built they were moved back there. Then everything starte to change. The traders felt that they were receiving less customers, and they were losing money. They claim, since the very beginning, that there are not enough buses to this area, plus before being in Teulada they were in the city center so a lot of tourist were passing by.


Despite of the feelings of the traders, is a real fact that less people goes to Teulada’s Street market. But the data collected reflection maybe slightly different.

Although the controversies are still existing, it is more important to focus in the potencials in which we can take benefit to make a better place.

– An important sport area is placed nearby.

– The existing structure.

– Has a lot of traffic passing by everyday.

– Thursdays and saturdays receives an important number of customers.

– Next to the structure there is a kindergarden.


– The main character of the a Street market is it temporary nature. Nowadays is really on the wave of fashion between the young people. So this is going to be a factor to place more people. Temporary exhibitions, traders, and workshops.


The area needs to create a new identity to start devoloping differerent skills in the users of the place, so the main gold of participation in this project should imply the training of this skills. Capacities acquired by citizens allowing them to understand, use and build a lively, shared and sustainable city.

Identity: empowering the image of the area will help to promote their identity and will mean being recognizable.

Urban landscape: a new interface of the neighbourhood, were as much as possible necessities will be reflected.

Community generator: by aiming the people working together sharing experiences, will create a more united neighbourhood


The project relies on empowering the people in taking part on the city, and more particulary in their neighbourhood taking an active part. The designed  has taken into account all the data collected, focusing in the interacting between the empty area and the people by the new activies in order to improve the sellings and the cuality of the neighbourhood.

Strategy 1. Mobile plant station.

One of the main golds of the projects is getting the people know about what is going to be happening there. So the inicial tactic is travelling around the city of Alicante promoting the idea of a new activity. They will be giving out small plants and encouranging the giver to come to the area and plant it.


Strategy 2. Infrastructures urban image

The whole area is summited in a grey zone, where the active things happening are the ones from the street market.

There will be three different infrastructures áreas:

1- Structure:

The spaces will be placed here. There will be independent spaces, marked by billboards and colors, this way a new urban landscape will be create.

Besides this, the traders will have the possibility of hanging their bussiness name in the stracture if they participate in any way in the project.

2- Pavement space:

The pavement will be where the playground will be placed. The colors will be a very important part of the urban landscape, the structure space and the pavement will be in harmony.

There is a project, called Social Toy, that implies being part of a social community in a website. Social Toy consists in letting a box in the playground with donated toys, so every child that plays in the playground can play with them. Everyone can donate toys.

3- Gravel area

In this area, left behind during the workmanship, is where the garden will be place, and also the first building spaces.


-Empowering the social factor, not only in the community but in the new people that arrives to the area.

– Creating a new urban image to be identified by the city

– Starting the first fisical workshop, really started during the strategie 1. Getting the project goes by word of mouth.

Strategie 3. Activate the space, by creating a meeting point.

As part of a collaborative process, this strategie will focus in create activities where peolpe of all ages get in touch. It will mean that an open workshop will be created, in order to build the spaces where the activities will take place. In order to build this spaces, there will be an open conteste where, whoever needs an space, to work, to do an exhibition, or just hanging arround will have the opportunity to have it for a reason price.

This procedure will help us to create the meeting point where are searching. The most important is that will place people from all different kinds.

Strategy 4. Make the structure a landmark.

The structure will work as a landmark of the area, something that will increase the number of people that will be aware of the project just passing by the area. So is crucial to design something powerful that encourage people to go there.

Strategy 5. Branding and advertisement.

The creation of a brand of the project is important to give credit to what we are doing. The mood of the project is to make the people optimistic about taken part in the citizen aspects of their surroundings.

Fluoride colors and positive messages will be used because they are flashy and call everyones atention. The strong colors are closer the our emoticions, so with them we make better experiences and we feel more motivated to collaborate doing things because we are more actives. The aim is connect emotions with the area.

The slogan of the project will be Buil it up!, in an aim to get the people participate and make them that they are the ones who actually can make their city change.

In this strategie, an advertisement campain will be develope. Even media such as Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr… and communication media.



The materials that will be used in Buil it up! try to be as low cost as possible. That’s why the main material will be wood, is easy to find, there are stripes in the city hall warehouse that will be useful. Each model will be painted with a different color. Green, for a relaxing area; pink for an active space (where workshops take place, or warehouse, meeting point…) yellow for calling people atention.

Sin título-1

Model variations

As much convinations with the same kind of base, with the colors, the external skin and some reconfigurations. We can reduce the material and the money.



In this project is very important keep updated every move the project is doing. Also, as in our first fase in the Teulada street market, is important to get involved the traders, who are the people we are trying to help mainly. Doing so (cooperating) the name of their company will take part in the structure.

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The important thing about the playground is that is going to be built step by step. The aim is that every child collaborates in its construction.

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