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What is our objective as activists?
Our main objective is to get the highest number biciamigos stores in the city of Alicante, to create a new business network to facilitate the daily lives of citizens who use the bicycle as a regular means of transport.
So we’ve divided the intervention on 2 intervention phases:

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PHASE 4 – Urban Bike Knitting

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Bike Knitting, comes from the mix of color to work, cycleshopping, and telebike projects. It is a project whose main idea is to create a direct relationship between the business and tourism (either as an employee or as a user or consumer) and the direct use of the bicycle.

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Cycle shopping creates a direct relationship between ride a bike and discounts. The concept is very easy; if you go shopping with the public bikes to the “Cycle Shops” you get discounts. The bikes haven´t got a good transport capacity, so if the people go shopping with the public bikes they must to buy diary items and so they can save money. How many more times are going to buy more you save. On the other hand the “Cycle Shops”, get diary costumers.

The problem is that at first we must to get safety the public bike system and equip it, to encourage people to use it.

Another point to work is the cicloenergy. The objective is transform bike stations in energy bike stations but it must be requested by the nearby “Cyclo Shops”. This intervention will be subsidized 50% for the city council.


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To cycle producing energy, but what can we do with it?, Would not it be used as an alternative energy source,  in the same way as is done with solar energy? If this is not used, is ‘lost’. Would there be any method of storage or convert it into useful energy?.

The electrical demand is increasingly, cause of the technological development that we are living, and now a large part of the population is suffering a energy poverty (20% households can´t satisfy their energy demand). Whenever energy is becoming more necessary, it is becoming more expensive. Continue reading



Alicante is a city with a very good bike-conditions but the percentage of the movements with these vehicle are very few. In oder citys with the sames conditions take place the same problems? What are the best cities to ride bike and wath are their “bike-conditions”?

The 7 better cities to ride bike in the world

1. Copenhagen (Denmark)

2. Amsterdam (Netherlands)

3. Friburg (Germany)

4. Münster (Germany)

5. Ferrara (Italy)

6. Bern (Switzerland)

7. Bruges (Belgium)

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