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Phase 5a Teulada’s Street Market (improved)

This video tells the story of SuperCitizen, a superheroe that grew up in the Teulada’s Streetmarket. With him we will know the different actuations that took place in the market which made him become a superheroe.


Phase 4 – Advertisement Campaign Teulada’s Street Market

After the Teulada’s Street Market Playground that took place in Christmas 2014, we have made an advertising campaign that reclaims the necessity of that kind of activities in this context.

The campaign has 3 videos with the superheroes theme, which was the topic of the playground.


Phase 3a – Reference 1: RIDLEY’S POP UP RESTAURANT


Ridley’s was a temporary summer installation located in Dalston’s Ridley Road market, East London, and created by The Decorators in collaboration with Atelier ChanChan, a group of designers, artists and architects.

It consisted in a restaurant that used the food-for-food mechanism in order to improve the street market within it was placed. People checked the day’s shopping list and went to purchase the ingredients on the market. After that, they could exchange those ingredients for a cooked lunch.

The installation was made with scaffolds provided by a construction company. On the ground floor was the kitchen, where meals was prepared and then raised by a mechanical table to the first level, where was the dining area.

During the three weeks of September 2011 that the restaurant was open the terrace was free to people who wanted to perform, share a story or play some music.

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