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Phase 5a Carolinas Bajas-Queremos ser tu barrio

The video is based on the reference “Little Red Riding Hood” infographic´s video. The video follow the structure of our storyboard:

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Phase 3a- Bruit du Frigo-Atelier d´Urbanisme Utopique


The objective of this project is sensitize and mobilize the citizens to care about their city, Bordeaux, and its transformations and to promote the emergency and the realization of projects of urban development with the help of the habitants.

The name of this project developed since 2006 is “Atelier d´urbanisme utopique” it contemplates interventions in the neighborhood of Benague and St. Michel. This project consists to imagine projects that could transform or improve situations, places… while working in a dynamic of workshop in collaboration with the citizens. All this work of thinking in utopias and new visions for their neighborhoods is helpful to discover which is the citizens point of view and get many interesting ideas.

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Phase-3a Ateliers d´Artistes de Belleville



Belleville is a neighbourhood located in the north of Paris, it has a very strong identity despite of the Gentrification process that is suffering. This strength is due to the presence of a huge culture network. This culture development is consequence of a common project built by the Atelier d´Artistes de Belleville Association (AAB)

The AAB was founded in 1989 by a collective of artists and associations of the neighbourhood, right now it has 250 members, 20 associations and 130 artist studios. All these members are working in the same project: they work together to create a new urban image, to preserve Belleville´s identity through defending their creative scenarios and to reclaim the importance of the artist´s work and the cultural richness of Belleville.

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