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Phase 5a Carolinas Bajas-Queremos ser tu barrio

The video is based on the reference “Little Red Riding Hood” infographic´s video. The video follow the structure of our storyboard:

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Phase 3A//The route 120

REAL SITUATION.-What we have:

Carolinas Bajas has too many problems and controversy to continue developing as CULTURAL neighborhood. We find in Carolinas Bajas a disintegrated neighborhood with no identity when it has a lot of potential due to the strategic cultural points and the several associations . Also there is an important lack of public spaces and green area.

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Phase 3A//Article_2: Spring Street Park


**What is Spring Street Park?**

It’s an initiative, launched in August 2012 with the aim of transforming small pieces of land in the least-served neighborhoods of L.A. into green spaces called pocket parks. Sandwiched between two buildings in the “old bank” district near Fourth and Fifth streets, Spring Street Park sits on .7 acres of land and includes walking paths, an open lawn, seating, children’s play elements, native landscaping and a smart irrigation system, according to a release. All features are said to be safe and environmentally sustainable.

Spring Street Park embodies the idea of “thrivability” evident in the best placemaking and sustainable practices of minimum lawns, low maintenance, low water planting which captures and cleanses all site water before returning it to the storm drain. Continue reading

Phase 3A//Article_1: Sunday Streets


Sunday Streets are events that encourage recreation, community activities and fun in San Francisco. Sunday Streets closes stretches of city streets to automobile traffic, and opens them to people for several hours on a various Sundays throughout the year, so participants can enjoy a large, temporary, public space where they can bike, walk, run, dance, do yoga, or do any other physical activity. Non-profit and health organizations offer free activities and share information about their services during the event. Continue reading