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In October of 2011 the City Council of Barcelona announces the international competition for the project of the 16 entries from Collserola Mountain.

The collective of architects Raons Públiques and laCol were disappointed with the way of development of the competition around the participation processes, with the written of a Manifesto BAIXEM ENTRE TOTES COLLSEROLA A LA CIUTAT? In this text, they criticize the lack of the citizen’s participation, the conquest of the mountain by roads, the bad planning of the public infrastructure and huge amount of money, which was inadmissible paid by the city council.  Associations and citizens called to the architectural studios to join them and generate an architectural proposal for the competition designed by citizens, architects, urban planners, environmental engineers and different agents of the city.

Definitively, in July of 2012 the project #Baixem, designed by them, was elected to revitalize the area of Porta de Canyelles.

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